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Monday, 31 January 2011

Simple Skirt

I got home from uni today early, and a bit tired. Decided to go and drop a MASSIVE black bag of old clothes into the charity shop down the road and got home wondering how I could re-fill my wardrobe as I am fairly strapped for cash at the minute.
So I used some of the red material I have left to make a new skirt.

It's just a simple elastic waist with the red skirt, and it took me around 40 minutes in all to make and try on.

Then with some cut off material I decided to make a headband :

Friday, 28 January 2011

Briony's Green Satin Dress

My friend Briony wanted me to make her a nice dress for going out, satin cocktail dress style. So I drew a few designs and looked through a few websites to get some ideas. We decided on a style and this is how it went :

pinned neckline
Pins, pins, pins.


Sewn up

I really need to learn how to pick fabrics, I think it'll be easier when I live near a fabric shop and can buy them there rather than getting them online. It's really difficult to decide based on just a picture, for this I could have used a thicker material with more stretch to it. It turned out ok, just a bit shapeless.
I'll make a similar one for myself one day, in blue :)

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Blue Jacket

I made a jacket! It's the first one I've made and I love it. The colour is amazing, I'm going to have to make more out of it.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Trouser Alteration

I had a pair of brown Tommy Hilfiger trousers that I got a couple of years ago. They were quite baggy and had gotten a bit too big so I've made a few alterations to them, in the process of which my sewing machine needle went right through my fingernail and snapped when it hit my bone... ouch. But the trousers are done.
As you can see, pretty baggy, loose around the waist and quite shapeless.

Much more fitted with a better shape
So now I have some trousers, not jeans, that I'll actually wear!

oh and here's a pic of my finger...

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Singing up for a Bloglovin account so it's easier to find other blogs. I really want to follow some other sewing and craft blogs to give me ideas for things to make. Right now I'm just altering some old clothes so I'll wear them.. I'm going to take before and after pictures of some to post. I'll get round to that soon...

Monday, 17 January 2011

Red Dress

I was in Edinburgh last week visiting my sister and after an amazing lunch at Yo! Sushi we wandered around a few shops. I really love the dresses in Urban Outfitters particularly the unique ones that are all the same style with different materials. I found this Johann Earl Fleur Dress
for £48 and tried it on in a gorgous yellow print with black lace front. I loved it, but £48 was a bit off budget for one dress.
I was planning on going to the Edinburgh Fabric shop the next day so thought I'd get some fabric to make a similar dress.
The Edinburgh Fabric shop, on St Patrick Street, is the best shop I have ever been in in my life, I only had about half an hour to spare there, I could have been in there for hours! It has everything. I bought a couple of really amazing colours and floral sheer mesh and some more elastic.
The next day I set to work on my new dress, here's the finished result:
some fabric still needed trimmed on the inside then.

The green belt isn't attached.

 This is my favorite thing that I've made so far, the fabric is so lightweight and flowing it's lovely to wear. For the third dress I have ever made I'd say its a pretty good job!

Coffee Table

When my boyfriend and I moved into our new flat we had a really crap glass coffee table in the living room. When we were walking home after a few weeks of living in the flat we walked past a flat that had a bunch of furniture outside for the bin. We saw a wooden coffee table and decided to take it. Since it was free I decided that when I had time I'd decorate it, decopage or something.
I didn't have time until last week.. so just before uni started back I thought I'd grab the chance to do it. So some red spray paint and lots of cut up magazines later and this was made:

Green Silk Dress

I have a really nice green silk dress from Urban Outfitters that I got years ago and I had some green silk left over from the green skirt I made before so I decided to try and recreate the dress with some different buttons, the dimensions ended up being a bit off but it's still nice.

buttons from my gran's old button box

elastic sleeves


My First Dress

I decided to buy some fabric online to try and make some clothes, I wanted some floral fabric and some plain black to try and make my own LBD. Shopping online is really good for most things, but unless you know what type of fabric you want, which I didn't have a clue about, you're really not going to get on too well.. so I bought cotton, I thought it couldn't go wrong. But for a dress you really do need some stretch, the cotton I got had none, it was like a duvet cover material... nevertheless I tried to make a form fitting dress so that it didn't need much stretch. I sketched some ideas and measured what sizes I'd need for panels. I didn't have a dummy or anything so I was pinning things to myself for ages, it took me all night but worked out well.

My First Sewing Ventures

In the summer my boyfriend and I were going to "The Discworld Convention" and I needed an appropriate outfit to dress as a Seamstress (prostitute), I know, I am SO cool. I had a corset, I just needed a matching skirt which I planned to sew by hand. Luckily I ended up talking to a woman that had a sewing machine near my boyfriend's home and she said I could come over and use it.
So I made a my first skirt, in gold silk and satin, to start with: 

I wore it at halloween too:
 Then I had a masquerade ball to go to and decided to make green skirt for my green corset (pictured above), I used a friend's sewing machine for that:
After these I went home for a visit and told my mum I was thinking of buying a sewing machine. It turned out that my Granny's old sewing machine, that I thought my mum had sold when my Gran passed away, was in the loft of our garage. It is a 1961 Singer still in it's original carry case. It had been unused in 35 years! I took it down from the loft and cleaned it, it was COVERED in cobwebs and there were some dead insects scattered inside. We were half expecting it not to work, but it did!

So I made a couple of little things just for fun to try out my "new" machine.
It only does one straight stitch and nothing fancy just forwards and backwards, but it's mine now and I think my Granny would be really proud of all the stuff I'm making now.