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Sunday, 30 October 2011

All Hallows Eve

I love halloween. Just a quick post about the brilliance of dressing up and make-up and paint and getting odd looks and making kids cry when they look at you. It's just fun in general.

On Saturday I went to the Last Tuesday Society Halloween masked ball in London, it was amazing. They hold masked balls throughout the year and I will definitely be attending another few while I live here. I went with my friends Nick and Emma, got lots of free food and drink including oysters and cray fish served to us by naked models, lovely.

Then on Monday I went out to a "halloween party" at a pub, which turned out to have finished by the time we got there.... at 9.30pm. So we had one drink, with people looking oddly at us, and then left, went on a late-night Tesco jaunt and then home to watch some of 'Candyman' before falling asleep - we are the lame people that "have work in the morning", to be fair it had taken us all an age to get the red food dye off us. Anyhoo we all zombified ourselves for that and it was really fun despite the lame party.


Sunday, 16 October 2011

Latest Escapades

And yet again I have not posted in about a month or more... pretty busy life I lead!
Work has been amazing and I've met yet more awesome people and been away lots. Spent a weekend in Cambridgeshire and went into Cambridge, it is lovely there. Just got back from a couple of nights up in Dundee, including two 12 hour bus journeys, I told myself I wouldn't do the megabus thing again, but it's just so cheap! Managed to get some knitting done on the buses and finally finished the Slytherin scarf!!

It was my friend Briony's 21st and I managed to get it done as her birthday gift:

I've been knitting more than sewing other than a couple of repairs and stuff. 
I just started my Ravenclaw scarf and I'm buying more wool tomorrow to finish my friend Emma's purple pants... again eventually.

I need to get my bum in gear and do more of this, I keep getting myself all distracted with a social life. I still have a bunch of things on my "To Make" list, including: knitted baby jumper for a soon-to-be new arrival, black dress of some sort that needs planned, christmas jumper for myself and perhaps some other lucky person and the rest of my Hogwarts scarves.
This may need to be spread out over a long time, or I could just not take my comptuer home with me for Christmas and spend my whole time, with no phone signal, knitting. Sounds like a plan to me.

Anyhoo enjoy your busy busy lives, I know I am :)